Friday, January 26, 2007

reasons to be cheerful pt 2

this is further to my previous post which i havent re-read so i might put the same thing twice, not bothered. if i cant remember it i doubt you will.

Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes
Hot water bottles
Coconat chocolate bars by Ulker (only available in turkish shops in london as far as i know)
crispy bacon
unsolicited praise
rowdy blues music
art that i couldnt do
the smell of a pub as you walk past
having lots of emails that arent forwards from my uncle jim
the weekend
people that arent actually arsewipes
having a nice pudding to look forward to

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Amateur Comics Guild

It seems i have become a member of the Amateur Comics Guild, 1 of 4 currently. Have a look why dont you, its in the links right------> and maybe join up. it seems like a worthy cause.


i thought i might as well put up some stuff out of my old sketchbooks from back when i was a proper artist. this ones a bloke doing a painting.

Fart Jokes

Whats the Fart Skyscraper in New York?

TRUMP Tower!

What qualities does a fart ninja posess?


What do Fart police use to restrain criminals?


Monday, January 15, 2007


I'm on a bit of a drive to raise the profile of the Banal Pig brand (and of course to sell a few more comics), and my own profile in comic terms. i often find that when people see the comics they like them, but getting people to take the first step and actually pick them up and look is a problem. this is most evident at comic shows, and it is a bizarre psychological thing that goes on, where the creator of the thing is sat there eagerly anticipating a sale, usually desperation in the eyes, and the buyer (usually at least partly nerdy) does not want to hurt the creators feelings, so instead of reading and saying "no thanks", they stay away altogether- this can also lead to the "pity buy"- where you dont like the comic, but a mixture of pity and some kind of loyalty to the uk small press scene makes you buy the cheapest thing, only to read half of it with no enjoyment and recycle it when you get home.
i wonder how many pity buys i've had? please email me if you've bought one of my comics and then binned it.
anyway the point is that if people know what they're getting (i.e. quality laffs) they have no problem approaching the stall in a relaxed manner. in any other country to have all these creators in one place would be quite exciting.


if you are reading this blog and you like my work, please email me or approach me at the comic expos. i dont mind if you dont buy anything, NO OBLIGATION, NO EYE CONTACT, but if you do want a comic or if you're influential, remember:


*my new slogan, either that or "HISTORY'S FINEST RECORDED SMALL PRESS COMICS"

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Silent Movies

Last night me and the good lady went to Bristol's Colston Hall to see some classic silent movies with live musical accompaniment, you know the Paul Merton thing on the telly. It was excellent- there was a Harold Lloyd one, one where Laurel has to pretend to be Hardy's wife to impress his rich uncle, and the climax was Steamboat Bill Jnr, with Buster Keaton. its the famous one where the side of the house falls on him and he's in the window frame. Amazing stuff, still very funny and the special effects in steamboat bill are still better than the consistently ropey CGI we're treated to nowadays. its nice to see that sort of thing, very dfferent from your usual entertainment.

on the comic side of things, my next freebie/cheapo comic is going to be called "Lost Banal Pig" or something like that- the stuff i've done for other anthologies that hasnt been in the Banal Pig Comics proper, as well as profiles of the dodgy characters that have never made the comic, like ignorant horse and doctor octopus that i have briefly mentioned before.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dont Fear the Reaper

i listened to "Dont Fear the Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult on my ipod the other day and realised that the song is about a guy trying to talk his girlfriend into commiting suicide. i thought it was just promoting ambivalence towards death (which is healthy i'd say) but i dont like it anymore. my other thought on death is that death itself isnt scary- but things that are dead are. Put that in your quote book, Penguin.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

on and on and on and tillotson

things are going on, three thingies on the go. 1, the most ambitious and time consuming, the aforementioned ethel sparrowhawk is illustrated above, at least the thumbnail version thereof. i have really no ide how long this will take- hopefully it will be ready for the web and mini comics thing (which we have a table at) but depending on how much texture and fine detail i decree to put in it may run on, seeing as i have 2 months to complete it might be a tall order.

project 2 is the banal pig portrait anthology, which has some excellent people on board and i am very much looking forward to the results if and when i get them. the idea is it will stand out as it is not just comics (not even comics from the submissions thus far) and has proper artists and writers and that.

number 3 is the joke book- "banal pig's pun hundred and pun puns" which as regular readers will know has been in progress for quite some time, but if anyone has any ORIGINAL puns not related to the themes i have set so far i will give them all due consideration. i'm gonna do some nice illustrations too.

on and on, and yet i have done shit all this weekend as i have had a mystery illness which has been most irritating. i'm more or less better now though thanks for your concern.