Thursday, February 28, 2008

suggest me happy

hello pig lovers! i am currently making the badges for the many aforementioned fanclub pack. i am currently doing a banal pig one, a man man one, a jolly bear one and a fun coconut one, and an incompetent shark one. does anyone have any other ideas that they'd like to see, and more importantly proudly sport on their breast?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

first look! banal pig fan club comic exclusive.

yes here's the cover mock up for the comic which will be in the fan club pack. featuring unseen comics from me and gareth, stuff i've done for anthologies and that as well. yes for all you banal pig "completists", this is the thing for you!!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008


Millionaire hedonist orphan playboy Zack Smith works hard and plays hard- to the extreme. Drug-fuelled orgies with prostitutes are a regular occurrence at Smith’s Manhattan bachelor pad, That is, until one night something amazing happens which will change his life forever…

As usual Smith falls into a stupor, surrounded by a collection of call girls, but when he wakes something is different. He can’t quite put his finger on it, until a tiny voice calls out for help. He looks around, but the apartment seems empty until he spots a spider in the corner of his eye. Yes, the spider is talking to him! It turns out that the spider is none other than the beautiful prostitute he recently had sex with, and she has been transformed into a spider by a magical curse placed upon her by her pimp!

She needs Zack Smith’s help to find the pimp and reverse the spell, but he is self-obsessed and never helps anyone but himself, and what is more, he has arachnophobia so is scared of spiders! Days pass, and the spider tries in vain to persuade him to help, but he is stubborn. Finally, she convinces him by telling him that the spell is activated when the prostitutes fall in love, so that they don’t fall in love with the punters, but she couldn’t help herself- she loves him!

No-one has ever loved Zack before, so he decides to change his ways and set out to find the magical pimp, but can he defeat the powerful wizard, and can he overcome the fear of the spider who loves him?

Yes. When he kills the pimp and the girl gets changed back, she confesses that the spell wasn’t caused by love but because she stole some crack from the magic pimp, but that doesn’t matter because now she actually does love him, and he doesn’t mind because he loves her too as she has changed his life for the better with this exciting adventure!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

long time no time

hello friends! sorry i havent had time to chat recently, all kinds of doings have been transpiring. i have now got the poster printed for the pack, and i think it looks great. i am very pleased. i think it seems a shame to fold it, but its a bit cumbersome to be lugging about at A3 size.

i've got other stuff about to be revealed too, and i'll keep you posted.