Friday, June 30, 2006

make up a joke today!

keeping the mind active stops alzheimers and other degenerative brain diseases, so make up a joke- it's fun and it exercise those "grey cells". just pick a theme e.g. "ghosts".

here are some ghost jokes i made up

how does a ghost like his steak?
meduim SCARE!

what does a ghost insist upon when checking in to a hotel?
a room with a WOOOO!

me and my friend had a lot of fun and made up many a ghost joke.

try it yourself, and i'll see you next time

Thursday, June 29, 2006

go kart krazy

so heres a rough drawing of a strip ive been working on, "go-kart krazy" (title might change if i can think of a better pun on either "go" or "kart"). this is banal pig junior and ambivalent elephant junior, who are caught between an idealised nostalgic 1950's style world, hence ambivalent elephant is building the go kart, and todays not so nice world, with mobile phones and that. i try not to be preachy and im not saying one is better than the other, i just like the contrast.

anyway, banal pig jnr is chatting street-style on his mobile to his old pal "dasheeki from the hood" and if anyone has any suggestions of amusing street lingo of the south london type (e.g they better know themself, bare/bear, all up in my face etc) i'd be glad to hear it.

1st post


i am going to put my current ideas for my comics on this blog, plus any old bits of writing that have been on my myspace but since been wiped because you're only allowed to have ten or summing.

so if anyone's out there give me some feedback and ting, it'll be great.