Monday, November 26, 2007

banal pig fan club

i'm thinking about starting a banal pig fan club where you get a badge which says something like "i'm a banal pig lover" and some other shit like a code cracking wheel and a patch. what did you used to get in those sort of things? a certificate and maybe an exclusive little comic or something. thats it- i'm kind of thinking of things as i'm writing, but i could include my as yet unpublished "swearing clock" too.

any more suggestions for what i could include?

who's up for being a pig lover? just send me a postcard with a pound coin sellotaped loosely to it.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

portrait corner number 1

here's a little thing i did ages ago which made myself laugh upon looking at it again.

meanwhile, i am roughing out banal pig 4 which is looking pretty good already i reckons. pig lovers can look forward to fez man dying in every panel, a 6 page cat dad story, 2 uncle ken stories and etceteras.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

BPWF- 28 days later...

Hopefully if you have looked at this blog previously, you will be well aware of Banal Pig's Web Funnies . The idea was for me to have a go at a 3 panel strip for a month to see if i was capable of churning a strip out every day. Well, i've done it so the churn isnt in question, but is it any kop? let me know what you think. details over there........

Saturday, November 10, 2007

blast from the blast

i found this sketch whilst googling myself from here. it's from my first ever con, brighton 2005, where i was naive and innocent. no-one asks me to do sketches at cons anymore because i am an intimidating physical presence.
also i found this lady, who likes our comics, and does some quite nice stuff herself.

Sunday, November 04, 2007


any pig lovers out there thinking about what to get their beloved for christmas look no further! for i am officially flogging all my original art from the banal pig comics at the rock bottom, stone cold bargain price of £50! they're A3 size on nice thick paperstock and obviously are much nicer as drawings than laserprints.

Also. if you like any of the web funnies, i'll do them for £20- theyre 1/3 of A3 size and its just the line art (the colouring's done on computers and that).

please contact me for more details if you're interested- discounts for bulk buys available. have a look here for a reminder of whats on offer, or look at all the comics that you obviously own