Monday, October 29, 2007

joke of the day

how do you kill zombies?
-make loads of really shit comics about them!

ha ha!

seriously though, how are you?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

banal pig funnies

so i'm doing alright so far, nearly half way through and i've still got enough ideas to keep me going for a week or so. the trouble is, my scanner's deteriorating so i can only scan in two thirds of the page at a time, which is a bit of a pain in the balls, and if it gets any worse i wont be able to do it. drawing the strips is fairly easy- i do them in my lunch hour at work, but scanning and colouring them when i get home is a bit of a pain, especially when i want to go out on an evening. i keep thinking that i'll do a few in one go to keep me going, but i can never be arsed, the one you see on a morning is the one i finish the night before, the pixels have only just dried by the time it gets to you.

its an interesting learning experience, and good i think to not be so precious about the strips, just bang them out, and i'm now looking forward to starting BANAL PIG IV- the quest for peace, after this month of strips has finished.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

go on then...

well seen as everyone's sticking them up, here's my observer blah blah cape and ting. it seems like all us losers have posted as a cathartic experience, and talk of a collection is a good idea i reckons. there's more to see here: cant be arsed hotlinking, including jim medway's, which is really good, and oli east's is on his blog (trains are mint link, left)

i would have coloured it in if i had the time, but i didnt.

Monday, October 15, 2007

banal pig funnies up and running

yes, pals, as promised, for the next month or so, i will be posting a brand new and exclusive strip EVERY DAY (hopefully) on Banal Pig's Web Funnies. All comments will be gratefully received and please tell your mates.

i will do my best to keep to this gruelling (self-inflicted) schedule, but its probably likely that i'll miss a few days, but my plan is to ease off after a month but still do a couple a week, after the initial burst to get people hooked, you know.

Today's Strip: Space Whale versus Space Kraken.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Hello pals.

Hopefully it goes without saying that i will be presenting my wares at the Birmingham International Comics show this weekend. I know my loyal commentators will be there, but if there are any casual pig lovers out there who fancy a trip to the picturesque west midlands this weekend, then do it! The repeatedly aforementioned JBFCSS2 is now back from the printers and looking fancy, and we'll have all the good stuff, including Gareth Brookes' new book "The Smell of the Wild".
Good old Oliver East will also be joining us, and i understand he'll be bringing not only his excellent Trains are Mint series, but some of Jim Medway's books as well.

Cor Blimey! Why would you want to go to any other stall?

Sunday, October 07, 2007


yes yes oh yay, Jolly Bear & Fun Coconut Summer Special Number Two is finished, and i will be whisking it to the printers first thing tomorrow. here's the cover- yes colour, and there's a nice colour painting on the back too. it will premiere at the Birmingham International Comics show this weekend, so please come and buy as many as you can afford.

p.s. this image is not a true representation of the cover, and i have no idea why it's so crazy, but i like it.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

JBFCSS2 Preview

yes here he is! a picture from the hotly anticipated Jolly Bear and Fun Coconut Summer Special Number 2, which will be on sale in less than 2 weeks(!) how exciting. I'd better get my arse in gear. same old same old eh? another comic convention, another mad rush to finish. i'm not gonna spoil it, but terrible things happen, as you can see, i've done it a bit painty, like.