Monday, November 20, 2006

Incompetent Shark Number 8- In Full- Free!

Hello Friends!

Here's a mouthwatering hors d'ouevre from the 75%ish complete BANAL PIG COMIC 3! In full no less! Make the most of it- you'll have to pay for everything else.

Stevo's Hot Picks

I bought Michael Kupperman's Tales Designed to Thrizzle 3 yesterday. It's brilliant- even better than number 1 which i loved (i missed number 2 somehow). I also got a book which is a frame by frame breakdown of Psycho (the film) which is rather nice, from a bootsale. i also got some socks from GAP (stripy).

What are your hot picks?

Monday, November 13, 2006

Googling Myself/ Anthology

Every few days, i google myself and banal pig to see how famous me and my comics are. i am happy that if you google banal pig all the top ten are relevant to me and the comic, but theres this one that always hovers around number 11 which is from some feminist group where banal pig appears as an anagram of their name. this annoys me a bit. theres a steve tillotson who is an expert on afghan hounds, and also one that works for the dakota department of waste management.
i found a review of the anthology that i contributed to, dan lester's Crap Your Pants Anthology, which does suffer from the narrow subject field (shitting yourself). and fair play to dan, he has publicised it far and wide- it pops up all over the place (unfortunately it invariably gets slagged off). i did an uncle ken strip which was quite good, and the review says that mine is one of the four strips worth bothering out of the (18 story) anthology, which is fair enough.
i suppose its good to stand out in a thing such as this with your peers, and i'm happy with it obviously, but it makes me think about my own anthology i'm planning. anthologies are always let down by a few really shit things, and i am going to attempt to create one which has no shit in it. i think open submissions is a bad idea for this because it seems crap people have a lot of time on their hands, so i'm concentrating on inviting people that i know will produce the goods. hopefully having a mix of prose, art and comics will give it a bit of an edge.

is it possible, a 100% quality (small press) anthology? has anyone ever seen one?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What do you want to do when you grow up?

I dont know, perhaps i'll work in a storage centre, i'll probably stay in education for the first 24 years of my life, then i'm bound to get a good job, arent i? or perhaps getting a masters degree will just make it all the more humiliating when i get a job i could have done when i was 16. i know i'll make comics. this way i can spend the majority of my free time slaving over tiny details which will go unnoticed by the person who pities me enough to by a copy (while the other 100 go unsold) as he occupies himself in five idle minutes on the shitter.
the only career choice worse is to be a "proper" artist, where you spend all your money (earned at your shit job) on putting a show together on the off chance that someone with influence will see it and instantly catapult you to fame and fortune. what actually happens is your friends and colleagues come to the private view, drink all the booze which is laid on by you and go home. for the next 2 weeks you "invigilate" the show, as a maximum of 2 people visit per day at the gallery you are paying a kings ransom for and taking time off work to boot.

still, one day i'll make it and all this will be ironic and amusing. you just watch me...