Monday, March 24, 2008

web and mini comix thing and ting

so another web and mini comix thing over with (i realise the stall looks very much the same as all the other shows we've done), and it was pretty, pretty good. we sold well, better than last year and quite a few pig lovers went home happy with their fan club packs. i thought about keeping a record of who was officially in the fan club but then gareth talked me out of it.
it seemed to have a reasonable turnout despite the weather, and it went really fast i thought. there was quite a few decent comics there too, and i bought loads of stuff (last year i didnt buy nuffing). i shall probably write a few words about the stuff i bought later, but i've got to give a shout out to good old Jim Medway, a great guy who had a very lovely stall, full of quality gear.

cheers for everyone who visited by the way, expecially those who splashed their cash.


Richard Tingley said...

It was nice to meet you, sorry if I waffled a bit...I can do that sometimes.
I enjoyed the CD as well.

Mimey said...

That's a good display of wares. Seems to me there's something for everyone. Is banal pig an equal opportunities comics provider? By far the nicest stall I saw at The Thing. Although having my eyes closed the rest of the time may have played a part in the formation of this opinion.

And what high quality badges. Mmm. Badges.