Wednesday, March 26, 2008

devastating changes which affect us all

meanwhile, the winds of change are blowing through banal pig towers (first floor flat) like a man whistling over a ropey 80's ballad.
firstly, i have decided that because banal pig 4 is destined to be the greatest comic ever seen, i am going to take my time to make every detail as perfect as the last, if not more perfect. therefore, i am not going to rush to finish it in time for the bristol expo. dry those tears though, because i have decided to do a FULL COLOUR print edition of the best of the banal pig web funnies, featuring some more guest artists (and probably some new ones too) in time for Bristol. hurray! therefore, make the most of the funnies page as it stands now as i may be removing it from view.
also, i shall be consolidating all my web-based activity in an uber-site, with an online shop and everything, coming very soon (when i work out how the internet works)


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